Halal tourism and new generations: The Indonesian case

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez, Mirko Perano


Purpose: Firstly, from a theoretical point of view, it is aimed to contribute to the clarification of what Halal tourism is, as a relatively new term. And secondly, from an empirical perspective, to gather an insight into the level of knowledge and mental schemes of a new generation of young people in a Muslim majority country like Indonesia.

Methodology: To achieve the first objective, a literature review is presented. With regard to the second one, a survey among business university students was carried out in the Republic of Indonesia; primary data collected were treated by using univariate, bivariate and multivariate statistical techniques.

Findings: Halal tourism is a field of study in a very early stage. In spite of the ambiguity found, Halal tourism can be considered as the most appropriate to denote services designed to meet the needs of Muslim tourists, in accordance with their religious behaviours. Concerning the empirical study, the mismatches between the literature and the perceptions declared by the sample of higher education students are identified.

Practical implications: The observed lack of knowledge on this market between new generations in Muslim majority countries is clearly an obstacle for its development. Managerial implications for tourism services providers intending to target this segment are also provided.

Originality/value: This work is intended to shed light on the concept of Halal tourism and perceptions about it, in an attempt to fill the gap of the empirical knowledge on this topic. This is the first work targeting university students in a Muslim majority country.


Halal tourism; Halal tourism destination; University students; Indonesia

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