Toulon-Verona Conference Excellence in Services 2008-2016: Primary highlights of the best papers

Antigoni Papadimitriou


Purpose. This paper aims to review and explore the primary highlights of the best papers, which have been selected by the Toulon-Verona Conference Excellence in Services scientific committee for the period 2008-2016.

Methodology. Descriptive statistics and thematic analysis.

Findings. 51 best papers have been selected by the TVC scientific committee by combined group of 145 authors. Lead authors were from a total of 50 higher education institutions from all over the world and one consultant (private sector). Six papers were self-authored while the 45 were multi-authored. The majority of the papers written by Italian authors (58.8%); followed by France, Greece, and Sweden (5.9% each); Australia, Portugal, Spain and UK (4% each); Austria, Norway, Slovenia and Vietnam (1.9% each). 37 papers were classified as research paper, 10 case studies, and four theoretical. There were 52,792 downloads only for 25 papers published at the TQM Journal. While in June 2017 the total number of citations was 498 and reflect 34 papers.

Practical implications. Analysis for the first time define trends (methodological) for the TVC’s best papers, and suggest possible future research topic and methodological approach.

Originality/value. The findings are unique for the TVC conference and for the TQM special issues, and contribute to the literature of analyzing published papers.


excellence in services; quality management; thematic analysis; research papers; research methodology; citation analysis

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