“Let’s preserve the spirit of sport”: Preventive approaches of using performance enhancing drugs among national level athletes in Sri Lanka

A A L Madhushani


The Misuse of medicinal drugs and substances to enhance performance in sports is a serious issue for sports and as well as public health issue due it’s long term negative impacts to individuals and society. The title, analyze in preventive approaches of using performance enhancing drugs among national level athletes in Sri Lanka. The doping in sports has become a serious issue in Sri Lanka in sports such as rugby, boxing, weight lifting, athletics, cricket etc. This paper was described specific objective such as to provide the evidence of doping usage among athlete in Sri Lanka and pathway of eliminate or minimize the impact of the given challenges of athlete. In this sense noticeably athletes who are used performing enhancing drugs were highlighted. The challenges faced by the athletes could be analyzed in numerous ways in this study. Especially in Sri Lanka there is lack of performance enhancing drugs researches. Accordingly, There is a space to be filled up and will be answered by this study. Using the methods of investigative journalism and secondary data analysis were used of this study. As this study is analytical in nature as far as possible an attempt was made to collect secondary data. Extensive review of previous studies was carried out provide a conceptual background of the study.


performance enhancing; National athletes; drugs; doping

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